A tribute to my mother…

My mother, Rivian Morris, passed away in the early morning hours on October 5. Since then, time has stood still. Thus, my belated Monday post this week is one I previously shared this year on May 12, ten days after the final birthday she would enjoy. The question was: It being May, the month of Mothers’ Day, what are some of the lessons your mother imparted that contributed to your successful career? And here again, in her honor, is my response:

Thanks for the kind words, and for asking about my mother, who recently turned 95. My mother was ahead of her time. She always loved government and rules, law and policy. She made sure the family got done with dinner early every Monday so she could get to the weekly city counsel meeting on time. She ran for councilwoman twice and lost, twice. She loved working on bylaws, was dedicated to details and the big picture, and she backed up her civic mindedness with action and activism.

My mother modeled the willingness to step forward as an individual, the bravery to find her voice and use it. She weathered setbacks resiliently and found virtue in sustained effort as well as in outcome. She cared far more about having an impact than about her image, and she worked hard for the things that she felt mattered. All this she passed on to me, and more. Thanks, again, for asking about her.