About Under Advisement, Ltd.

Under Advisement, Ltd. is the premier career counseling service for lawyers, operating nationwide via technology, with offices in Chicago and New York City. Recognized by The National Law Journal, Under Advisement, Ltd. has helped thousands of lawyers and law students since its launch in October of 1988. Under Advisement also provides Inplacement and Outplacement counseling for lawyers and consulting services for law firms and companies.

In person, telephone, and online video counseling are continuously available. Career guidance is completely confidential and always personalized. Whether you are contemplating changing jobs within the profession, moving to another field, performing your current job more effectively, or enhancing your workplace, Under Advisement can help. Take a step in the right direction and inquire confidentially here.

What lawyers have to say about Under Advisement, Ltd.:

“I was referred to Under Advisement, Ltd. when I was looking for a new direction in my legal career. Kathy Morris helped me focus on what I wanted to do in the law and enabled me to parlay my strengths and career goals into an optimal lateral move.”

“I consulted with Under Advisement at an important career juncture, as a working mother; the advice I received helped me forge my future with a hopeful outlook and a strengthened resume, too. I’m glad to see Under Advisement expanding online!”

“The analysis, advice, and support of Under Advisement, Ltd. were invaluable in giving me the perspective to decide to more fully develop my practice area and open my own firm–decisions that are really paying off.”

“Highly perceptive, a thoughtful and creative advisor–Kathy Morris’ qualities come from years of experience working with lawyers from all walks of legal life.”

“One of the biggest things I gained from my experience consulting with Under Advisement was help in identifying skill sets developed while practicing law and how those would be applicable in settings outside the law.”

“I was ready to give up the practice of law completely, but Kathy was always there to reassure me with her experience, optimism, and solid counsel. I now have a great job, and I actually don’t mind Monday mornings. Sure I was lucky, but I know that I would never have been ‘in the right place at the right time’ if Under Advisement had not been there to guide me.”