Advisory Services

Add value to your retention efforts and the quality of practice by enlisting Kathy Morris  for these and other consulting and coaching engagements:

*  If you have more associate departures than desired in one of your practice groups or overall, Ms. Morris is available to assess the reason(s) and suggest a range of steps to take to stem the unwanted attrition.

*  To enhance the value of your formal review process,  Ms. Morris can meet for a group discussion with associates new to the process and laterals, plus afford individual sessions by sign-up for the more seasoned associates, to provide guidance on how to participate in the actual review and how to use their evaluations as ongoing career development tools.

* Ms. Morris is an experienced presenter, panel moderator, and discussion facilitator for retreats, annual meetings, and alumni events in workplaces and law schools.

*  As a veteran in the lawyer training field, Ms. Morris is available to create programs and curricula, or to advise your professional development staff on ways they can innovate, introduce new initiatives, or breathe life into traditional training sessions and conferences.