Are lawyer jokes ever constructive?

Q: Are lawyer jokes ever constructive?

A: Many lawyer jokes are mean-spirited attempts to discredit the profession, and those I denounce roundly. However, lawyers need a sense of humor, too, to do their best, most creative work and to enjoy each other, our work, and clients.

A cartoon where a lawyer is advising his snowman client that things aren’t looking good because the trial has been set for August, with no extensions–that’s harmless fun, right? Or two kids swinging on the playground, one saying to the other: I want to be a lawyer, like my mom, because they still get recess. Or how many lawyers does it take to change a lightbulb? It depends—are they on an hourly or a flat fee?

Studies show that humor and resultant positive emotions help people live longer, be more resilient, cope better with stress, and feel more motivated. Those are all constructive outcomes, I’d say.