Are there common mistakes people make in interviews?

A: Are there common mistakes people make in interviews?

Q: Aside from the obvious ones like being late, calling the person the wrong name, having your phone ring, using inappropriate language, or talking out of turn about your current job or boss, there are some other oft-made mistakes to avoid.

The number one reason people don’t get hired is a lack of enthusiasm. You may want the job, but so do others, and one differentiating factor is how you show or express your interest. Another misstep is being negative throughout the interview, even saying that the required tasks would be ” no problem” rather than something positive, such as “I am comfortable with everything you need me to do and welcome the opportunity.” And, instead of focusing on what the new job could do for your skill building, emphasize what you could do for the employer to further their goals or enhance their client service. Small shifts in your interviewing mindset can yield the desired results.