Are there templates for cover letters I can use?

Q: Are there templates for cover letters I can use?

A: There are cover letter templates online or available through your alma mater’s career office, but I don’t suggest you use them. It’s important to write an individualized cover letter rather than use one others crafted. Your letter shouldn’t take long to read or be burdensome to write, nor should it contain boilerplate or legalese. Instead, it should showcase clean, engaging writing and foreshadow the key relevant, distinguishing facets of your education and career.

Take it as a challenge to write a letter worth reading, one that draws positive attention, one that relates to yet doesn’t merely parrot the job description or the prospective employer’s need. Don’t default into cookie cutter mode or hope to find a letter you can copy. Embrace the value of a meaningful missive, one you’re actually proud of and will advance your search.