Can thinking slow be better than thinking fast?

Q: Can thinking slow be better than thinking fast?

A:  As lawyers, we are expected to think quickly, think “on our feet” and charge in fast, 6-minute increments.  But a new article in the ABA Law Practice Today magazine, written about law  firm diversity initiatives by two large firm lawyers, http://www.lawpracticetoday.org/article/diversity-initiatives-need-change-light-criticism/, says we should actually force slow thinking:

“Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman recently pointed out the dangers of fast thinking and the value of slow thinking for important decisions. When we think fast—automatically, reflexively and emotionally—we are most vulnerable to the influence of our implicit biases. When we think slow, however, that is, carefully, deliberately and with explicit reference to factual information, we are far less likely to be influenced by these biases. An effective diversity initiative, should force career-gatekeepers to think slow when they make career-critical decisions..”
That’s good advice. Think about it.