Do you have to put every job on your resume?

Q:  Do you have to put every job on your resume?

A:   I suggest you put all relevant jobs (even for example a pre-law job, showing your long-standing focus on the legal profession).   I want you to include law jobs/internships/externships held during law school (but put them under Education (or Education and Related Employment), not co-equated in a list of your jobs onced licensed).  I want you to include (with a separate subheading) any Business/Managerial jobs or prior career roles that relate to law (such as Prior Communication/Teaching Experience).  

Jobs you can leave off are ones that were in no way relevant in the distant past (although, depending on space on the page, even a wait staff role can be termed Customer Service/Sales if you choose).  If you had a very short and unsuccessful law job, you could omit it if that won’t leave a gap on the resume (like a three-month job that just didn’t work out in January through March one year, when (using years but no months on the resume) your prior and subsequent jobs cover the time frame).  You don’t need every volunteer job, but include those that are legal or that meant the most to you as Pro Bono/Community Contributions. 

I hope that helps. Your resume needs to be a fair depiction of your skills, but it is your resume and you need to make good choices about what is on it, or not, why, and where the entries go.