Have I been in my job too long if it’s been 8 years?

Q:  Have I been in my job too long if it’s been 8 years?

A:   Some lawyers stay in one job for their entire career, although that’s rarer and rarer.  Some lawyers change jobs so often people label them job hoppers.  Lawyers typically  change jobs because they want to move to another sector; because they want more responsibility, more money, and new challenges; because the writing is on the wall if they’re not going to make partner or have a serious relationship breech with one or more of the lawyers in charge; because they’re asked to leave; because they are making a family move to another locale; because their place of employment closes or changes so much they no longer want to stay.

Don’t leave a job you enjoy just to put a new job on your resume. Continuity, loyalty, and long-term success are good things, especially in today’s times.  Inertia, the devil you know, and denial about your current job standing are not.  It’s important that you know why you are staying, or going, and that you have assessed your career thoughtfully and honestly. 

Make a sound, individual choice.  Numbers matter but don’t always tell the tale, in life or in law.