How do lawyers get cool non-lawyer jobs?

Q: How do lawyers get cool non-lawyer jobs?
A: Often lawyers who move beyond traditional law jobs are adventurous and make adventures out of their careers. Get involved and engage with those who do what interests you, volunteer and be useful, even in small ways. Then see the gaps where opportunity may lie, where there is a need you can fill, and take a leap beyond the obvious, always guided by interests, integrity, credibility, and a commitment to change.
Lawyers have skills that translate well to alternative walks, but you have to speak a language beyond legalese to attract “cool” colleagues and be nimble enough to take yourself forward. Happenstance and good fortune can be as important in a career as planning. Get in the flow of roles you’d like to have and be in concert with people in them. And, please, don’t call those people “non-lawyers.” That’s a signal that you aren’t yet speaking their language fluently.