I saw a job posting and am wondering if I should apply…

Q: I saw a job posting and am wondering if I should apply.  It is for a great employer who needs a generalist lawyer. I am that, but also have a niche expertise. My hesitation is that if a job with them in my niche comes along later, I don’t want to have prematurely blown my chances. What do you suggest?

A:  I say go ahead. If you don’t get the generalist role and an opening comes up in your niche, you can apply and will have proof that you’ve had a longstanding interest in the employer. 
Also, be sure to network after you apply in order to enhance your chances of getting the right attention and even to draw attention to the fact that you can do even more than the job description requires, if the need is there.  Don’t over emphasize your niche area of concentration (or call it that), but do indicate that you look forward greatly to the breadth of the position and to providing additional value if and when any area-specific advice may also be of help. 

I hope that helps.