Is it possible to do both litigation and transactional work?

Q:  Is it possible to do both litigation and transactional work?

A:  Yes.  But not generally in a large firm or a sizeable law department, where lawyers work in a particular practice group or division.  Even there, some roles are hybrid, spanning litigation and corporate or counseling roles, such as bankruptcy, wealth planning, IP, or labor and employment.  

That said, the smaller the entity, the more likely that lawyers cross practice lines.  Small general practice firms, for example, handle courtroom cases, such as criminal or family law as well as transactional matters, like real estate or contracts.  Other organizations, such as universities, tend to have a smaller legal function in which being a generalist is required.

Don’t slot yourself in just one area of work if you have broader interests. Create a career narrative that shows you have worked in a variety of areas; take pro bono cases and CLEs with both controversy and commercial content to expand your experience and knowledge. 

It’s fine to do what you want in the law and far easier to get there if you’re not just a wannabe.  Put the pieces of your career puzzle in place so that they fit together and make you a good fit for the job you want.