Is using social media a good idea for lawyers?

Q: Is using social media a good idea for lawyers?

A: Yes, but like everything else, use it advisedly. LinkedIn, for example, is useful to find out common ties with someone you may want to contact for business purposes. For example, I wanted to email someone about a possible speaking engagement at his firm, but didn’t want to risk that a cold message would be ignored. Looking at his profile, I saw that a colleague of mine was one of his “connections.” She agreed to email him about me first, said a few kind words, and the next week we were in conversation. Another example: a law firm in Italy posted a message seeking international working relationships. Responses came in from India, China, Nigeria, Indonesia, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, South Africa…and the list goes on. Plus, there are online groups to join and articles that wouldn’t otherwise come to your attention.

I find it useful. Hit the LinkedIn button at the top right of any page of the Under Advisement website or go to
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