Inplacement Counseling

You decide to let an Associate or Partner go. The Firm pays for outplacement counseling to help the departing person move on.


Are you sure you did all you could to help the person succeed before you made the costly and difficult decision to part ways professionally?

If not, what message have you sent to others at the Firm and how might it impact the morale and productivity of those you do want to retain?

When performance issues or concerns about fit first arise, it’s important to access internal and external resources to help the Associate or Partner correct the skill or the situation. You’ll maximize talent and your institutional investment and provide an environment in which professionals of all backgrounds and approaches can develop and thrive.

Contact long-time legal career and professional development counselor, Kathy Mejia Morris, founder of Under Advisement, Ltd., to learn more about how she helps Firms help their lawyers–individually and through programming–and in so doing, save money and maximize client service.

It’s the right thing to do, less expensive than you think, and exceedingly costly to ignore Inplacement and, months or years later, proceed directly to Outplacement.

Kathy Morris, Esq. 312-321-9448, 212-336-9448, kathy@underadvisement.com