Should/do lawyers get periodic career check-ups?

Q: Should/do lawyers get periodic career check-ups?

A: Yes and yes. Those who want to keep their career on track get either annual or periodic check-ups every other or every three years. It used to be that colonoscopies were recommended every five years and some lawyers got them religiously, without ever checking up on the state of their career. It doesn’t make sense to clean your gutters every year, to regularly tune-up your car, but not attend to your life’s work. Does it?

A career check-up involves a series of individualized inquiries, a confidential conversation about your responses, a resume review, and the opportunity for you to ask questions. For lawyers in the profession fewer than 5 years, the check-up takes one hour; 90-minutes is recommended for those with a more extensive background. Email me via Kathy@underadvisement.com to ask about scheduling a video call and pricing.

And get your teeth cleaned twice a year. It’s good practice.