What steps can I take to improve my chances of finding a job?

Q:  What steps can I take to improve my chances of finding a job?

A:   Of course you want to look at online job postings on a regular basis, but in that most lawyers find their jobs through accessing the warmth and good will of others, it’s important that you reach out (even by telephone and email) to others in your field(s) of interest to see if there may be opportunity where they are and also, timing being everything, to ask about their counterparts in other workplaces to whom they would reach out were they in a search.

You don’t need to take people out for coffee or a meal to network, or talk about your search when you are at an event, although pertinent events/programs are always good to attend.  Follow up afterward, say you know they are busy so you’ll get right to the reason you are contacting them, and ask quick questions they can answer that will advance your search.  If their employer isn’t looking to add a lawyer, they likely won’t know who else may need you  either or where it would be a good atmosphere in which to work…but they will know people in other, similar walks to theirs toward whom they could point you.

Also, connect with lawyers on LinkedIn, such as fellow alumni/ae, and expand your network to those with whom you share a commonality, even if you don’t know them. In these ways, you’ll have more job search activity and, timing being everything, enjoy success sooner in wrapping up your search well.