What are some online sites lawyers should watch for job postings?

Q:  What are some online sites lawyers should watch for job postings?

A:   There are many options, and these are some:  Indeed.com, Goinhouse.com, Idealist.org, NPO.net, and USAJobs.gov. You can see that these sites span a range of possible interests. There are generalist and specialized sites to watch, some just for lawyers and others with JD Advantage and alternative roles.  

Often sites will also email job openings to you, at no charge, when you sign up.  LinkedIn has a free jobs service, as does Chronicle of Higher Education, just to name another two ways to keep up with jobs posted online.  Again, there are many…I can’t stop: ACC.com, PDCLegal.org. Check the Career Centers, open to all, even on a site with members-only content.
Don’t forget to watch bar association sites such as abalcc.org and those in your geography and practice area. Also scour the sites of employers of particular interest you have identified.  And although watching sites and having jobs emailed to you are two important steps in a job search, network to enhance your online applications and to uncover opportunities that will never get to the point of being posted.

Then, make sure you know how to interview in today’s job market, to capitalize on your search efforts and convert an opening into an offer.  Job searching involves a set of skills.  Enhance yours.