What can I do to be a leader, even as a new lawyer?

Q:  What can I do to be a leader, even as a new lawyer?

A:   You may have heard the term “leading up.”  This often refers to working through others, such as your boss, to help get the job done better.  As a new lawyer, you may have more current knowledge about how to use technology effectively in the practice or about how to harness social media to make a name, professionally.  Helping more senior lawyers in your workplace apply innovation is one way of standing out as a leader.

Outside your office, you can find ways to lead, as well.  Offer at your local bar association to organize and moderate a program on leading early in your career, and seek out lawyers who did just that to be your panelists.  That will engender ideas and relationships and will differentiate you as a leader in thought and action. 

These are just a few possibilities, but you only need one or two that make sense and fit your goals.  You won’t be a new lawyer very long…so keep your eye on your work and remember: As in may things in life, a little leadership, early, goes a long way.