What do I do if I’m getting no traction at all in my job search?

Q:  What do I do if I’m getting no traction at all in my job search?

A:   Getting a search started can take a little time, but if you’re getting no response to cover letters/applications and your networking just isn’t taking off, you need to do at least some small things to differentiate yourself more effectively.
Perhaps your resume is still a dense, list of job-by job tasks.  Instead, use subheadings to group attorney roles separately from law student experience and pre-law employment; focus on outcomes, too, and omit any repetition.  Maybe your cover letter needs shortening, so it highlights rather than spells out the components of your career and addresses your ability and enthusiasm for fulfilling the employer’s work needs rather what a new job could do for you.  If you’re always trying to network in person, mainly hoping the other person will say something helpful, incorporate telephone, email, and LinkedIn to move from person-to-person through warmth and good will to ferret out opportunity and gain new people to reach out to as you build momentum in the process.
A standard hit-or-miss kind of search rarely will work.  Instead, enrich, expand, and enliven yours, rather than relying on old, cold methods that aren’t working for you now.  You may not enjoy the search…but you will like the results.