What if I get feedback on my work and I disagree?

Q: What if I get feedback on my work and I disagree?

A: First, don’t argue with your supervisor. Explaining or trying to justify why you did something can seem like arguing…so use care in having that dialogue to make it plain that you’re not arguing, but truly trying to learn.

Second, ask how you can improve the work product…is there someone else’s similar work you could read? Is there a training program or a CLE you should attend? Always be in growth mode.

Third, express your appreciation to your supervisor for the time and input. It’s hard to deliver feedback and not all lawyers will, so encouraging more assignments and future feedback by graciously accepting constructive criticism is key to forging good relationships and shortening the learning curve at work.

Finally, once you have built those relationships and gained the supervisor’s respect, you’ll be better able to discuss your work in service of the strongest client outcome…never for the purpose of simply being right.