What is helpful to submit with a resume and cover letter?

Q:  What is helpful to submit with a resume and cover letter?

A:  It’s fine to leave it at that when you apply to a job, unless the employer asks for other items, such as references and a writing sample, or directs you to complete an electronic application. That said, one other document you could create is a Review of  Results (or Key Accomplishments or whatever you would like to call it). 

Start with your resume header and use subheadings such as Practice Outcomes/Managerial Matters/Presentations and Publications. Group like items, use bullets, and parallel construction (e.g., start each entry with an active verb ), but don’t just repeat the tasks on your resume. Use facts and figures to bring the information alive. Try to keep it to one full page; if you have more than that, use two pages maximum or title the document something like Select Career Highlights. 

Don’t be overly detailed.  For example, there’s no need to use the exact date you gave a speech  or include the full blue book citation of a published opinion.  Use your judgment and the space well.  Hopefully, you’ll have another opportunity–at an interview–to mention additional items and further information, if it will help to impress.  At the application stage, you need to supply enough to stay in the running yet avoid overloading people with minutae or the nth degree.