What’s a realistic timeframe for a job search?

Q:  What’s a realistic timeframe for a job search?

A:   Sometimes luck intervenes and a job search can take several weeks to a month, but that is unusually fast.  On the other hand, the more limited the opportunities are at the right level of responsibility, salary, and geography, a search could take the better part of a year.  More commonly, a ballpark timeframe for a search is three or four to six or so months.  

Searches can move more slowly than not…whether because of the lack of sustained effort by the person looking or due to the everyday challenges employers tend to have.  So don’t put off your search; like the stock market, it’s hard to time the job market.  The best time to start a search is generally as soon as possible; the only two times to end it are when you have a new job or if you decide to recommit to your current one.