Why do so many people dislike lawyers?

Q: Why do so many people dislike lawyers?

A: I actually just today tweeted about that. I remember when the lawyer in Jurassic Park got eaten alive, while sitting in the outhouse, and the movie audience cheered.

Even though most lawyers are honorable and work hard to do good for people and to do well for their interests, there are lawyers who stand out as those proverbial bad apples and, as in many endeavors, the negative gets more attention than the positive. I’d say it’s the movies and media that make it so, But human nature seems to want a villain to blame and, regrettably, there are enough everyday lawyers who bluster and blunder and plenty of high profile attorneys who err for all to see to make the perception more than a mere caricature.

All the rest of us can do is serve our clients with concern and conviction, the best intentions and the best practices, to be the type of lawyer who respects the profession and in turn is respected by others. And please, let’s not tell those bad lawyer jokes ourselves. Or clap when the lawyer gets eaten.