Legal Careers Advice

Career Planning and Counseling for the Legal Profession

Under Advisement, Ltd. opened in 1988 and quickly became a leader in legal career counseling. Its well-known, widely-published founder, lawyer Kathy Morris, guides lawyers and law students to careers they enjoy. Please contact us for counseling for yourself or those you employ.

Consulting services are also provided to help move law firms, practice groups, and other organizations forward. Additionally, Ms. Morris is available to speak at law firm or legal department retreats, law school alumni or student programs, and bar associations. She also actively moderates panels and advises on professional development and lawyer training.


“I was ready to give up the practice of law completely, but Kathy was always there to reassure me with her experience, optimism, and solid counsel. I now have a great job, and I actually enjoy Monday mornings again. Sure I was lucky, but I know that I would never have been ‘in the right place at the right time’ if Under Advisement had not been there to guide me.”