Advisory Services


For Lawyers and Law Students


Individual counseling, conducted in-person or at a distance, is available to assist you in changing jobs, changing careers, or performing more effectively in your current role. Together we will look back, to the present, and ahead to focus on your past, current, and future career goals. Click here for questions to help you begin the evaluation.


If you are contemplating or engaged in a job search, it is critical that you enhance your resume, cover letter, networking, and interviewing skills. Law school taught us to present ourselves one way, and now it’s time to differentiate yourself, professionally and with strength. Together we will improve your approach, in writing and in-person, to activate your best job search.

decision points

Once you have an offer or multiple opportunities to decide amongst, we will analyze the pros, cons, and trade-offs for choosing your next move. You may need advice on negotiating your salary (and future raises), professional development opportunities, benefits, and schedule. Together we will address these matters to move you forward in the best posture.

For Employers and Law Schools


You are thinking about letting an Associate or Partner go. Before you pay for outplacement counseling to help the departing person move on, ask yourself whether you took steps to help that person succeed before making the costly and difficult decision to part ways professionally. If not, what message is sent to others at the Firm and how might it impact the morale and productivity of those you do want to retain?

Under Advisement provides coaching to the Associate or Partner to enhance their performance.


Kathy Morris of Under Advisement, Ltd. provides experienced Outplacement Counseling for lawyers from firms, companies and other organizations, which includes the following services:

Career Assessment, Search Context Advice,
Resume and Cover Letter Revision, Searching via the Internet, Using Email in the Search Process,
Accessing Open Market Positions, Networking Guidance, Interviewing Skills Assistance, Salary Negotiations Suggestions, and Decision-Point Conferences.

speaking & facilitation

Kathy Morris is an experienced presenter, panel moderator, and discussion facilitator for retreats, annual meetings, and alumni events in workplaces and law schools.

As a veteran in the professional development and lawyer training field, Ms. Morris is also available to create programs and curricula, or to advise your professional development staff on ways they can innovate, introduce new initiatives, and breathe life into traditional training sessions and conferences.

For any questions as to all services and fees of Under Advisement, Ltd., please inquire confidentially here.