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Can I interview well without bragging?

Q: Can I interview well without bragging?

A: Yes. No one likes a braggart so, while interviewing requires you to advocate for yourself, it doesn’t require you to be the hero of every story you tell about your career. In fact, lawyers who claim they have no weaknesses or have never had a case or matter go wrong likely won’t be hired…ironically…based on their unwillingness to be real or their failure to show themselves to be a good colleague. Interviews are about showing yourself smart, capable, accomplished, and likable.

You have to go beyond the information on you resume to be persuasive at an interview. You have to avoid the royal we and talk about what you did, the role you played in bringing about results and positive outcomes. Still, you can’t be (as the British would say) an arse but rather, you need to be someone interviewers are impressed with and would like to be around while working together.

That’s the way you’ll get hired. No bragging required.

Kathy Morris